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BCF Screens Children in the Philippines and South Sudan

Dec 16, 2013 | News and Updates, Philippines | 0 comments

Over Thanksgiving, the Bountiful Children’s Foundation visited the central Philippines to screen children for malnutrition in five stakes and districts on Bohol and Cebu islands. Bohol island was recently devastated by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake and many homes are still destroyed or damaged and power may not be restored for many more months. The northern part of Cebu island was also heavily impacted by Typhoon Haiyan and clean up is still ongoing there. In some areas, up to 80% of the homes in the area were either lost or damaged.

Overall, BCF screened a total of 537 children and 20 pregnant women for malnutrition. Of those screened, 50% were malnourished. On Cebu Island, BCF visited the Bogo District, screening 120 children (53% malnourished); the Mandaue Stake, screening 32 children (44% malnourished); and the Lilo-An Stake, screening 108 children (44% malnourished). On Bohol Island, we visited the Calape District, screening 197 children (51% malnourished) and 18 pregnant women, and the Tagbilaron District, screening 80 children (51% malnourished) and 2 pregnant women. The stakes and districts are very excited to get started with the program.


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