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Meet Natividad: South America Coordinator for the Bountiful Children’s Foundation

Jan 13, 2016 | News and Updates | 0 comments

Natividad dressed in traditional Peruvian costume

My name is Natividad Samochuallpa and I’m a teacher by profession. I studied education at a prestigious institution in my city following a scholarship for my studies in high school. I was a high school teacher, an elementary school teacher, and now I hope to advance my degree and begin my studies here in the United States.

I am a convert to the Church thanks to one of my sisters who invited the missionaries into our home. I saw the hand of God working in my life. I gained a testimony and I knew that the truth had been restored, and I wanted to go on a mission. It took 5 months to finally get my call to the Bolivia La Paz Mission, the land of one of my ancestors.

I’m a proud native of Cuzco. In the navel of the world as many know, the capital of our ancestors, the Nephites and Lamanites, as the Book of Mormon teaches. I’m proud of being close to Machu Picchu and knowing the beauty of its architecture. Its people are welcoming and very helpful.

My days are always busy. I have to divide my time between my work, my callings in the church, my family and of course the Foundation and working with children in the program.

The experience with the program in Cuzco has been very good to me. When I searched for the kids from house to house, I realized I did not know much of the life of our sisters and less of their children. They are unaware of the nutritional status of their children and began to worry and give more importance to feeding and the state in which their children are in. So, we set goals for moms so that they are part of the program, and connect the work with other organizations dedicated to the work of nutrition.

I now serve as the South America Coordinator for the Bountiful Children’s Foundation, and I oversee the operations of all the nutrition programs in Central and South America.


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