Bob Rees' Trip to Guatemala Part 1

Tuesday, June 24

Arrived at 11:00 last night, to the hotel, run this morning in Guatemala City (terrible pollution), picked up at the temple at 1:00, four hour trip through incredible scenery, mountains, lakes, volcanos, etc. At Lake Atitlan this evening, visited our interns who were helping a family build an indoor cooking space (made of concrete blocks and tin). Helped another member get some corrugated tin sheets to replace the rusted ones for her place. It is amazing what passes for a home here and how little it takes to make one better. We stayed in the branch president’s home. I’m always a little uncomfortable when people give up their bed for m--and then I remember how many times Ruth and I did that for others. Giving and receiving both take grace.

Big day tomorrow. Fascinating place and particularly gratifying to see how the gospel is blessing people’s lives down here. This week we open four new areas, weighing and measuring kids, working with our coordinators, etc.