Bob Rees' Trip to Guatemala Part 5

Sunday, June 30

After we left the mountains Saturday afternoon we drove for five hours to Rio Dulce a city on the second largest lake in Guatemala (Lago Izabel). We ate in a good restaurant (notice I didn’t say “safe restaurant”!) and then went to bed. We are so blessed in so many ways, that I am embarrassed to complain about anything but . . . no air conditioning, cold showers and electricity going off unexpectedly . . . well, not ideal for getting sleep!

Coordinators and interns at Lago Izabel

This morning we left at seven and drove an hour and a half to Morales where we went to Church (all in Spanish, of course, but I was able to understand the sacrament prayer—and the hymns were familiar—at least the tunes were). We then left and drove another four hours to Guatemala City where we were blessed to stay at a one star (possibly) hotel. Still a cold shower but the electricity stayed on!