Meet our Cambodia Country Coordinator: Dany Pen


Dany Pen, Cambodia Country Coordinator

My name is Dany Pen. I started working with BCF in August 2012. It's such a great experience to be involved in this program as the Country Coordinator in Cambodia. I am very happy to get to know the families who need help from the Foundation. I find great pleasure in working with them and being able to see how happy they are to receive the supplements from the Foundation. I was introduced to the Church in 2000 through my oldest brother who met the missionaries, made an appointment with them, but then never showed up to meet with them. So, the elders met my sister, my youngest brother and I, and we all took the discussions with the elders instead of my oldest brother. That is how we came to know the Church, and we were all baptized in 2000. A year after we were baptized, my sister and I decided go on a mission. We both received our mission calls at the same time. She was called to the California San Francisco Mission, and I was called to the Washington Tacoma Mission in 2003. We were so excited to go to the Provo MTC the same day, and we werec ompanions in MTC, too! It was so helpful to me to write to her every week and share experiences in my mission with her. I love my mission. It's one of the greatest experiences of my life, and it was a great challenge to learn the language and the new culture. A month after returning home from my mission, I went on a date with my future husband. In August 2005, we were married and sealed at the Hong Kong temple. We now have a happy family of four sons. I'm so grateful for the gospel being brought into Cambodia and for it bringing me hope. I am also grateful that I was able meet my great husband through the Church and build up an eternal family with him.