Peru Nutritour Thank You Letter


The Bountiful Children's Foundation recently hosted a NutriTour trip to
Peru. A single mother took her three children with her and was able to
crowd-fund nearly her entire trip. This is what she wrote to those who
helped sponsor her:

“We wanted to Thank YOU for believing in our
mission/cause, and trusting in us. We are so very grateful for the
opportunity we had to assist the poverty-stricken areas of Choque
Huancas, Juliaca, Puno, Lima, Cusco, Island Takila, and the floating
Islands of Lake Titicaca!! We still can't believe we did it.
All of it is because of you!

Because of you we got to squish little dirty faces, and hug on shoeless
children. Because of you we got to learn the true value of hard work,
and witness the pure simple love for a new pair of shoes. Because of you
we were able to teach a family about their Down Syndrome child,
something they hadn't known of before. Because of you we were able to
give an unsuspecting single mother working at our hostel a new outfit
and toys for her 3 kids and to witness how alike we really all are in
this world. Because of you we were able to witness an 8-year-old play
soccer with us, all while never letting go of a sack of underwear and
socks we had brought him. Because of you we were able to bring smiles to
cherub cheeks of children who had never heard someone speak as terrible
Spanish as we tried to. Because of you we were able to share love to
all those we came in contact with. Because of you our eyes have been
opened to the gratefulness we have to live how and where we do. Because
of you we made a lifelong dream a reality. Because of you we are forever

When we arrived home we knew we weren't done. We knew this
mission was just the beginning of a lifelong mission to serve and love.
We are hopeful in our continued efforts to try and serve the orphanage
we fell in love with in Cusco and the malnourished children we found and
enrolled in Bountiful’s nutrition program. If you are interested in
aiding us in that goal please let us know.

Again, we just want to make sure you know, we LOVE you, and are grateful.
Kaysha, Jarom (15), Nora (13), Isaiah (11)