Zimbabwe: Headed home

From Nkulumane we took the cheapest route home: a bus. I was a little apprehensive about hitting a cow again, as we were in cattle country. I didn't sleep much (it was an overnight bus), but I wasn't too scared. We all have to die sometime, and you may as well go doing something that matters, right? 

The trip included about 2 hours on the border, which was a little bit miserable. We all had to go through several lines. It was quite hot despite being night time, the mosquitos were biting, there was no opportunity to go to the bathroom, and we were crammed into hot buildings a few times. The drug-sniffing dog was obviously poorly fed, as he loved the rations I had packed in my bag. I had to unpack every single item in my bag in front of the officer. Who knew that it would be so tough?

We arrived back in Johannesburg at around 6am, had to wait for our ride till 8am. That day we had set aside for rest, and the next to screen a stake in South Africa. However, that screening was cancelled, so we enjoyed the rest.