Population: 11,052,864

GDP per capita (US$): $3,076

Programs in Bolivia

Cochabamba Jaihuayco

Cochabamba Los Álamos

Cochabamba Sacaba



Santa Cruz



History of the Bountiful Children's Foundation in Bolivia

Bolivia is the country with the worst childhood malnutrition in South America, and the Bountiful Children's Foundation felt the need to start nutritional programs here. We began the program in 2014 in the highlands and jungles of Bolivia, as the two have very high rates of malnutrition. For nutritional supplementation we are now giving a milk powder and "Sprinkles" (a micronutrient supplement produced by the World Health Organization which supplies adequate Vitamin A, iron, and zinc to growing children). We also encourage mothers to go to the clinics for "cerelac" from the state programs, but that aid is only given to children under 3 years of age.