Population: 16,337,760

Income per capita(US$): $924

Programs in Zimbabwe

Bulawayo Adopted

Gweru Adopted

Harare Adopted

Marimba Park - Adopted

Masvingo Adopted

Mutare Adopted

Nkulumane Adopted

Zimbabwe - History and Demographics

Zimbabwe is a landlocked country located in the southern part of Africa. It is a country whose name is composed of three words. "Zi" means "big" or "huge". "Mba" means "house". "Bwe" means "stone". The name comes from the Great Zimbabwe Monuments situated in the city of Masvingo. These monuments are huge stone structures built during the Iron Age by the Bantu people of the Zimbabwe plateau.

Bountiful Children in Zimbabwe

In 2013, members from the Bountiful Children's Foundation visited Zimbabwe. During that time, BYU interns screened children in six areas and assigned coordinators in each unit to manage the program. We started distributing children's nutritional supplements in Zimbabwe in July of 2014 to the 500 children enrolled in the initial programs. The supplements, a vitamin enhanced corn/soy blend cereal, are produced for our program by a local manufacturer in Zimbabwe.