Humanitarian Trips


Humanitarian Nutritional Tours or "NutriTours" provide an excellent opportunity to see what the Bountiful Children's Foundation does firsthand. Participants visit a country in which we work for up to ten days. There you will participate in activities designed by the local and Country Coordinators. You will take part in meaningful service projects to both the children served by the Bountiful Children's Foundation and the community at large. You will assist in nutritional supplement distribution and screening. You will also be able to visit some of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world as part of your experience. Anyone over 8 is welcome to participate in these wonderful experiences. 

NutriTours - Coming Soon!

*Each trip can accommodate a maximum of 12 volunteers.


Please contact for more information.

Pictures from Past NutriTours

Peru 2020

Madagascar 2019

Guatemala 2018

Guatemala 2017

Peru 2016

Guatemala 2016

Cambodia 2015

Peru 2015

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