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Jorge Catón Guerrero

Thank You Note

Dear Respected Donors:

On behalf of the children who are part of the program of the Bountiful Children's Foundation, receive our sincere thanks for your great, sincere generosity and for your valuable contribution, which makes it possible for many of the children to come out of malnutrition, which is affecting all of them for different reasons. Therefore, we reiterate our deepest gratitude to these wonderful people as living memory of the children who need it most. People like you, in the spirit of cooperation have shown there are those that help to make it possible for the Bountiful Children's Foundation to continue its good work; Heavenly Father bless you always along with your entire family, Thanks!


Jorge Guerrero Erick Cato


Bountiful Children's Foundation,

On behalf of Jaen, Peru, we are very grateful for your having come to our city of Jaen, and making possible the inclusion of children who need it most in the Bountiful Children's Foundation program. Please accept our sincere gratitude and our full support in making it possible to continue with good management, and bring many of the children which are affected out of malnutrition. We reiterate our deepest gratitude on behalf of the bishops and branch presidents in the entire Peru Jaen Stake. These people are so wonderful with a great spirit of cooperation. May the Lord pour out many blessings on each of you and your whole family. Thanks!


Pedro Barrera Tesen

Stake President, Jaen – Peru