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Amelia Rebeca Fuentes Perez

Thank You Note

Serchil October 20, 2016

Dear Bountiful Children’s Foundation,

I greet you sincerely hoping that everything goes in the best way in all your daily activities.

As the main reason for this letter is to inform you that as President of The Serchil District from the Guatemala Retalhuleu mission I am aware of the program that you have to support our children who suffer from malnutrition problems in our region. I have reviewed the number of children who are in the program and receive the support of the nutrient Incaparina.

On behalf of the leadership from the units that I represent and families receiving the help I express the most sincere appreciation. We know that is a foundation without any search of profit which makes more human and special the work that you and your people carry out in the region.

In a world as shocked as today, to see the love and interest of people like you and the service that you guys provide through your time and resources is a source of light that reminds us that God has angels in this world.

Thanks again, we are here to support you.

Sergio A. Rodas M.

Serchil District President