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2021 Highlights

Acute malnutrition has increased in the last 2 years among children Bountiful evaluates due to the many issues associated with the Covid-19 pandemic. We thank you for your continued support as we help children to overcome the effects of malnutrition.

Guatemala Humanitarian Trip 2021

"We had a very busy but immensely rich immersive experience in Guatemala, screening, visiting individual families in their homes, visiting markets, gardens, civic centers, seeing sites, and driving what seemed like several thousand kilometers."

2020 Highlights

2020 was a year like no other! While COVID-19 brought uncertainty for hungry children and families, coordinators and volunteers battled to beat shortages and transportation issues. See what was behind the mask in 2020, as well as our successes.

Peru Humanitarian Trip 2020

“I can’t wait to go again. I can’t compare that experience to anything else I have done. It was worth every penny.”

2019 Highlights

In 2019, with your help we were able to provide 1.8 millions supplements to children and pregnant and nursing mothers in 18 countries across the globe!

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