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Bountiful Begins Work in Haiti

Mar 24, 2018 | 2018, Haiti, News | 0 comments

Regine lives with her family in the beautiful country of Haiti.  Their water supply comes from what they can collect off their roof, and they have no electricity. The poverty in Haiti can be seen everywhere you look, but happiness, laughter, beauty and courtesy are the hallmarks that prove Regine’s insistence that, “Haiti is too rich to be poor!” The riches she refers to don’t refer to money, but to hard work, family, and service to others.  As our new country coordinator, Regine is a great example of service to the people around her. 

Haiti Country Coordinator Regine Pierre Nau

Our first night there, Regine teaches a group of inquiring parents the first health lesson on nutrition. “Sometimes you don’t have enough money to eat properly, sometimes people think to eat well you have to have a huge plate of rice and beans with just a little chicken on the side. Instead of just eating this, you can cook veggies instead. There’s a lack of concentration that can be linked to a lack of nutrients that are so important in the lives of our children. Getting the nutrients you need affects your whole life from age 0 to 50.” Her confidence captivates the audience. A discussion ensues on eating healthy on a budget and getting your kids to eat new things. 

The next morning, the sound of laughter fills the halls, and we are met with shy grins beaming at us from behind corners. This is interrupted by the occasional cry of protest as a volunteer coaxes a child onto the scale. After a brief training, Regine and her team are ready to screen. We find that stickers are a great way to bridge the language barrier (we don’t speak Haitian Creole) and make friends. 

After two days of screening over 100 children in the areas surrouding Port Au Prince Haiti, 23 undernourished children and 20 pregnant mothers are now receiving supplements. This number will only continue to grow as Regine and her team are able to screen more areas. 

Sometimes a silly face is all it takes to get a baby to cooperate 🙂

Regine says “I am very grateful that this organization has come to Haiti to establish itself and help our children.”  We are grateful for the dedication of Regine and her team!

Left to Right: Love Sabine Lucien, Regine Pierre Nau, Benita Pierre, Olivier Jacques, Marjorie Amedee, Daniella Achille


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