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Bountiful Children Growing Up Beautifully 2

Apr 17, 2022 | Growing Up Beautifully!, News and Updates, Philippines | 1 comment

Princess Mae, from Donsol, a town in Bicol region was only 2 months old when her mother stopped producing milk. At 6 months she was found to be underweight and started receiving supplements from Bountiful. It was also about this time that their whole family was taught the gospel of Jesus Christ. Princess turned 5 years old last December and is actively participating in her primary class and pre-school class.

Her mother Marilou started receiving peanut butter supplement when she got pregnant with younger brother Raven, who is now 3 years old and within normal nutritional status.

1 Comment

  1. Angela Johnson

    So glad to see that Mae and Raven are doing so well!


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