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Spotlight: Haiti

Aug 28, 2023 | 2023, Haiti, Spotlights | 1 comment

Since 2022, our dedicated Haiti coordinators have been on the front lines, addressing the critical issue of malnutrition in the most vulnerable communities. Thanks to your generous contributions, 425 children and 105 pregnant/nursing mothers have received the essential help they need. It’s awe-inspiring to witness these coordinators’ unwavering commitment as they venture into challenging and dangerous areas to deliver life-saving supplements to children in need.

Oliver Jacques Haiti Bountiful coordinator

Oliver Jacqes, Bountiful coordinater in Haiti

One exceptional individual making a significant impact is Olivier Jacques. Serving as the coordinator in three areas, Olivier is also the bishop of the Torcell ward. With a loving family including his wife and two daughters, Olivier’s dedication is fueled by personal experience and a genuine desire to make a difference. His background in Public Health from BYU-Idaho and his ownership of a construction company showcases his diverse skill set that he leverages to improve lives. 

Aneika a child with malnutrition in Haiti

Baby Aneika in Haiti

Aneika’s story is a testament to the transformational power of your support. Living in the challenging environment of Pernier, Haiti, Aneika faced health struggles that her mother, Berline, couldn’t address due to financial constraints. Fortunately, news of a malnutrition screening reached them, prompting Berline to overcome the dangers of her surroundings to reach the screening site. Thanks to your contributions, Aneika began her journey to recovery by embracing the supplements provided, and Berline shared, “My daughter began to eat the mamba with relish the first day she received it. I am grateful the brothers and sisters were there to help us.

Joseph in Laskahobas Haiti

Baby Joseph in Haiti

Another situation that shows the impact of your support is about a little boy named Joseph. Joseph’s mother made a courageous decision – to dedicate herself fully to caring for her son. However, their path was not without obstacles, as Joseph’s lack of responsiveness began to cast a shadow over their hopes.

But then, hope arrived in the form of supplements. As Joseph started taking these vital nutrients, a transformation began to unfold. His mother joyfully shares that Joseph’s once-muted spark is now igniting with newfound energy and vitality. It’s a testament to the incredible power that arises when a child’s nutritional needs are met,giving him the strength to overcome the odds stacked against him.

Haiti Screening Mother and Child with Brother Geneste 2022-03-01

Fredo Geneste screening children in Haiti

Fredo Geneste, the country coordinator for Haiti, aptly shares the situation:

“This is the same situation for many of these children. Their parents can’t give them good food that meets their nutritional needs. This is the sad reality of these beautiful children who are suffering in Haiti. We greatly appreciate your donations and generosity!”

Your unwavering support continues to uplift lives and make a lasting impact. Together, we’re sowing the seeds of change, one community at a time. Thank you for being an integral part of this transformative journey.

You can make a difference

$8 each month, every month, provides one child with life-saving nutritional supplements

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  1. Angela Johnson

    My heart goes out to the families doing all they can to provide for their families with the unrest all around them. A big thank you to the coordinators for their dedicated work in helping children even when their safety is at risk. And thank you to everyone helping in this great work to help children!


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