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Gratitude and farewell to Brad Walker

Aug 30, 2023 | 2023, Ecuador, Guatemala, Spotlights | 6 comments

We would like to wish a heartfelt thank you to an individual whose dedication has made a profound impact on the lives of malnourished children around the globe. As Brad Walker, one of the visionary founders of Bountiful Children, prepares to transition from his dedicated role on the board, we pause to reflect on his remarkable journey spanning over two decades. (Please share your reflections and gratitudes as comments below)

Brad Walker and Tim Heaton serving on Bountiful’s board

Bradly Walker in Honduras with Bountiful Childrens coordinators

Since 1999, Brad has exemplified an unwavering commitment to the cause of alleviating malnutrition among children. His journey began during his mission in Ecuador, where a heartfelt conversation with a close friend – a Stake President and compassionate pediatrician – illuminated the urgent need to address the escalating malnutrition crisis. Brad’s response was swift and resolute – he dedicated himself to the cause, setting in motion a journey that would touch countless lives.

Brad Walker with three Bountiful coordinators in Honduras

Bradly Walker in Honduras with Bountiful Childrens coordinators

Brad’s journey was marked by tenacity and innovation. After initiating collaboration with a local program in Ecuador, he faced setbacks when the program was shuttered. Undeterred, he embarked on comprehensive research to gauge the prevalence of malnourished children within the LDS community. His findings, shared through insightful articles in Dialogue, paved the way for a transformative idea – allocating 1% of all fast offering donations to support malnourished children within less developed LDS congregations.

Among those inspired by Brad’s vision was Bob Rees, who joined forces to establish a non-profit that would become the Liahona Children’s Foundation, renamed as the Bountiful Children’s Foundation. Brad’s dedication catalyzed a movement that transcended borders and communities. The foundation’s outreach expanded rapidly, connecting with stake presidents to identify areas where assistance was direly needed. By 2009, the foundation was actively engaged in seven communities across Ecuador and Guatemala.

Brad Walker at the 2022 Springville, Utah Parade

Bradley Walker with Bountiful Childrens volunteers at the Springville Utah 2022 parade

The foundation’s mission resonated with the hearts of many, leading to a groundswell of support. Generous contributions and fervent advocacy enabled the foundation to reach more communities, children, and nursing/pregnant mothers, providing life-saving nutritional supplements. Today, Bountiful Children’s Foundation is a beacon of hope, extending its care to over 200 communities across 20 countries.

Brad Walker with his wife Kim

Bradley and Kim Walker

As we bid farewell to Brad after 24 years of tireless dedication, we extend our deepest gratitude. His indomitable spirit, ignited by that conversation in Ecuador, has shaped the foundation’s trajectory and touched lives across continents. Brad, you have been an unwavering champion for malnourished LDS children and their neighbors, embodying the spirit of compassion, innovation, and progress.

Brad and Kim Walker with their family

Bradley and Kim Walker with their family

Join us in celebrating Brad’s legacy – a legacy that has forever changed lives and kindled a brighter future for those in need. We invite you to share your own reflections and expressions of gratitude, as we collectively honor an individual whose journey has truly made a difference.


  1. Angela Johnson

    We are so grateful for your years of service and concern for these beautiful children! Thank you for using your time, talents, and means to make a real difference in so many lives!

  2. Lilibeth I. Pabico

    Wishes for Brad from the Philippines

    It was May 8, 2014, when an unknown caller got in touch with our District President Manlangit. He introduced himself as Brad Walker, the founder of the Foundation. He asked President Manlangit if he is interested in implementing a malnutrition program in his district. He immediately said yes and started their correspondence, sending him some information like who will be handling the program and set the date for the initial visit. President Manlangit informed me about it and on May 19, I met a return missionary who was representing the Foundation along with three women from Cebu. Members who had children up to age 5 from four branches gathered to the District Center. After a short program, we started the initial screening. My daughter and I were the coordinators. When she went on her mission, sisters in the Relief Society helped.

    The program was running smoothly in our district so President Manlangit decided to share the information with the different district presidents of the Bicol Region during their Coordinating Council Meeting. The programs then began in their areas.
    Though the program is running smoothly in our district, we could not avoid some problems. Two of our recipients who were already chronically ill died. Fortunately these are rare cases compared to those who improve. My heart swells with gratitude every time I see and hear mothers expressing their gratitude to the donors.

    Thank you, Brother Brad Walker. Because of that simple phone call to our District President many were benefited. This has made big differences in the lives of the children who were deprived of good nutrition. You contributed a great part in the bright future of these children. As stated in Doctrine and Covenants 64:33, “Therefore, be not weary in well-doing for ye are laying the foundation of great work and out of small things proceedeth that which is great.”

    God Bless and Mabuhay!

    Very truly yours, LILIBETH I. PABICO, Virac, Philippines

  3. Brad Walker

    Thanks Sister Lilibeth

  4. Agnes Conteh

    On behalf of the stake holders in the church and community and the children and my coordinators from Sierra Leone we extend our thanks and appreciation for your initiative in bringing to light Bountiful Children’s foundation and pray that you and your entire family will be blessed for blessings the lives of malnourished children especially Sierra David O. Mackey once said” the things you do for your self will die when you die but the things you do for others will ever remain as a legacy in which encrypt in their minds for ever” thank you thank you .Agnes Isata Conteh country coordinator BCF SL

  5. Dave Dixon

    I was a graduate student at a Mormon Studies conference when I learned that members of my own faith community suffered from malnutrition. That hit hard. After reading Brad’s blog posts and Dialogue articles, I reached out to see if I could help at all. Brad immediately put me to work, despite my inadequacies. Those years of service put me on a different path in life. Brad’s rubber-meets-the-road Christianity were highly influential.
    There is still much work to be done to eradicate malnutrition. Let’s each strive to have the level of dedication that Brad has though all these years.

  6. Cristina Deyro

    Brad’s complete trust and confidence in us, local grassroots workers empowered us and help us do the same for the mothers and children that we serve. “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Thank you Brad for allowing us to share in and work toward that vision!


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