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Guatemala NutriTour Group Builds a Home

Jul 19, 2016 | Guatemala, News, NT-Gua-2016, NutriTours | 1 comment

Families in El Codo receiving monthly supply of supplements.

From July 8-17th, the Bountiful Children’s Foundation hosted a Nutritour to Guatemala. Here are some thoughts from one of the families who attended the Nutritour this year:

I don’t believe I will ever go on another trip that has had more of an impact on me and my family than the Nutritour to Guatemala.  What an incredible experience to have a guide that speaks the language and other guides who live in the area.  It was also so neat to have Brandon along who was helping to earn clothing for his mission.  My children especially enjoyed having him along.  We loved having the opportunity to stay with an LDS family and experience firsthand what life is like for them.  

Nutritour participants helping hand out supplements to children in Momostenango.

We loved being able to meet so many children in several different areas.  It was quite moving to see how reliant the mothers were on the supplementation to help their children.  There was such gratitude on their faces as they would say thank you as they left.  It was sad to see how much some of the children were struggling.  Some were lethargic, others had red eyes, others with their swollen bellies from malnutrition or parasites.  We were so glad to have been able to visit some of their individual homes, also.  If everyone could visit but one home of one of these sweet families, we would all be donating to the Foundation’s cause.  

Giving out supplements in Choqui. What an amazing view from the church on top of the mountain!

It was such a neat experience to be able to take the time to build a house for (forgive my possible misunderstanding of spelling) Sebastiana and her children Victoria (8), Sandra (7), Heremiez (Benjamin) (2) and Estelita (2).  We will never forget getting to spend time with them teaching them monkey in the middle, playing hand clap games, and walking Benjamin around.  It was fun to watch the men work so hard to build the house as quickly and precisely as they could. Thank you to the church branch, the Foundation, and others for donating to help her family have a stable shelter during the rainy season.


Branch members and BCF Nutritour participants building the new home for Sebastiana and her children.

We loved getting to help take beds and blankets to a couple of families that were in such need.  One sister has 7 children and is expecting and 8th child.  They had 3 beds for 9, soon to be 10 of them.  What a tremendous blessing  that will be for them.  The other family had one bed.  The 4 children would sleep on a mat on the hard floor.  Now they will have a bed to share.  A big thank you to the foundation for donating the blankets and beds!  

Wilson with his grandma. They received a new bed for the 4 children to share. They slept on the cement on a mat previously. Wilson’s mom, who was 18, died last year.

We also loved ending the trip by seeing a couple of beautiful tourist sights.  We plan to go on another NutriTiour in the future.  I plan to be involved in helping the Bountiful Children’s Foundation for the rest of my life, too, because of this trip if they will have me.  🙂  Thank you for a week we will never forget!


Angela, Madison (17) and Parker (10)
July 2016

L-R: Gloria (BCF Guatemala Coordinator), Brandon, Madi, Parker, Angela, and Spencer (BCF Guatemala Nutritour Coordinator)

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  1. Angela Johnson

    Such a wonderful experience! I can’t wait to go on another humanitarian trip with Bountiful Children.


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