Bountiful Children's Foundation

Our Financials

Bountiful works hard to assure donations benefit the kids!
And this is how it’s done:

Our Volunteers

Bountiful is almost entirely run by a passionate volunteer force. Volunteers serve locally throughout the world teaching nutrition and distributing food supplements. Coordinators are given a stipend to cover gas, phone or other expenses in distributing supplements. Volunteers with a wide variety of professional skills donate their time toward achieving Bountiful’s worldwide mission. Bountiful’s low overhead costs mean that a greater portion of every dollar you donate goes directly to nourish the children!

Our Board

Neither the Board nor the Executive Director receive monetary compensation for their services. The Board establishes and approves all financial controls. Monthly, the Board’s Operating Committee reviews financial expenditures and disbursements. A yearly budget is prepared by the treasurer and then approved by the Board. Standard auditing procedures are used as noted in bylaws and overseen by the Audit Committee. Links to our completed financial documents are below.

Volunteers serving the children and teaching mothers locally.

Bountiful board members Josh, Naty, and Tim.

Financial Documents

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Our 2022 Annual Report

“In 2022, we evaluated approximately 25,000 children. Sadly, the number of children we screened who are malnourished is on the rise from 8,720 in 2018 to about 19,000 in 2022. This increase is attributable to rising rates of malnutrition and expansion into communities with higher rates of malnutrition.”

Our 2021 Annual Report

“Coordinators have made heroic efforts by meeting with smaller groups, obtaining height and weight measurements from local health departments, and, in a few cases, making it possible for families to get food baskets at local markets. The number of children we evaluated dropped from 18,948 in 2018 to 12,372 in 2020. As conditions have improved and coordinators have found new means of contact, we will have served over 16,000 children in 2021.”

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