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Going the extra mile in Cadiz, Philippines

Jun 26, 2022 | 2022, News, Philippines | 1 comment

The coordinators and volunteers in Cadiz, Philippines really went the extra mile at their last screening for malnourishment.

Sister Esperanza, age 78, lets them use her yard to do the screening. She also picks nutritious moringa leaves to add to the egg-rice porridge she volunteered to prepare for the mothers and children that come (see photo gallery below).

Evelyn and other coordinators go the extra mile at every screening to teach some sort of health lesson to help further help the families. This month the children were given new toothbrushes to take home.

Cristie, the country coordinator in the Philippines, also came to the screening and is a physician by trade. She shares her skills and does a small check-up on the children. Cristie says in gratitude, “Our heartfelt thanks to Sister Esperanza and many others like her who open their hearts and their homes for these children.”

How grateful we at Bountiful are to the many people involved in this great work who are using their talents to help those in need!

And, thank you, our donors, for helping us reach more needy families in the Philippines and throughout the world!

Photos from screening at Cadiz, Philippines

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  1. angelabountifulchildrenorg

    How grateful we are for you sisters and your work to help these sweet children. Thank you!


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