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Jun 17, 2023 | 2023, Guatemala, Peru, Philippines, Sierra Leone | 1 comment

Cristie Deyro, M.D., Bountiful’s regional coordinator for Asia recently shared this encouragement with local coordinators in the Philippines.

“I love what President Russell M. Nelson said at the April General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, ’We can literally change the world—one person and one interaction at a time.’ I believe this is true with our work with Bountiful. I commend you for your efforts to follow the Savior’s example of serving the least of these”.

Cristie Deyro assisting at a Bountiful child screening event

Cristie Deyro working with Bountiful Children

Quiche, Guatemala

A Bountiful coordinator in Guatemala shares the story of a girl that she helps each month:

“She is very happy to receive her supplements. It has been difficult for her to gain weight but with the nutrient she is recovering little by little. She has a lot more energy. Every time she receives her nutrients, she feels very, very happy and says that it is a gift for her. Her smile reflects it all. Her parents are very grateful. Thank you to the donating brothers and sisters.”

Love, Luz in Quiche, Guatemala

Girl in Quiche, Guatema, receiving nutritional supplements

Girl with nutritional supplements in Quiche Guatemala

Cusco, Peru

Bastian is one and a half years old and lives in Cusco, Peru with his mother and father Deysi and David. Olga, the coordinator says, “He likes to give his parents kisses all the time and has a lot of fun playing around. He loves to dance and see airplanes. He recognizes them and goes towards them, shouting loudly at the top of his lungs, ‘Plane!’ Thank you very much for the opportunity to share this beautiful story of a little giant and very loving boy.”

Bastian in Cusco, Peru

Bountiful child Katy in Quiche Guatemala

Sierra Leone

Bishop Ibrahim in Sierra Leone shares, “Nancy has a son named Abdulai. Nancy lives in the same compound as the Relief Society President, Juliet, who invited her to register her son for the screening for malnutrition. The results indicate that Nancy’s son is suffering from severe acute malnutrition. As a result of this situation, the child falls sick frequently. There has been some improvement as Abdulai started receiving supplements two months ago. Nancy stated that she wholeheartedly thanks and appreciates the foundation and its donors for the timely intervention in the lives of children in Kenema town, especially in the life of her child.”

Nancy and Abdulai in Sierra Leone

Nancy and Abdulai in Sierra Leone receive Bountiful nutritional suplements

Thank you for helping Bountiful reach so many children in need!

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    Such beautiful children. I’m so glad to be involved in this great work of helping them!


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