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Spotlight: Bryce and Margot Dixon

Jun 12, 2023 | 2023, Spotlights | 1 comment

Bryce and Margot Dixon are Bountiful Children supporters. They are currently serving as Member Support missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Huacaltzingo, Mexico in the state of Puebla.

Bryce and Margot Dixon pointing to where they serve their mission on a world map

The Dixons are inviting people back to active church attendance, teaching a few lessons to those wanting to learn more about the Church, and taking the personal history of the branch (local congregation) members using Evernote to record their voice and transcribe it. Their histories are then downloaded into Family Search to preserve the unique identity of these members and the history of this branch of the Church.

Elder Dixon says, “Taking a history forces us to get in the listening mode, to really get to know the members. It shows people that their life matters and that we are sincerely interested in that life. It feels good for them to know somebody cares about their history. We have felt such an uplift when we hear of the difficult challenges these faithful people have overcome to remain active in the Church.” As previously faithful members remember the source of their faith, some have been inspired to return to church activity.

The Dixon’s share that the saints in this branch mainly work on farms, some growing corn and beans and vegetables. Others make Huarache sandals. Many others make a living by raising Dragon Fruit, a juicy red cactus fruit called Pitaya. During the harvest season they work into the late hours of the night packing the Pitaya for delivery.

Bryce and Margot Dixon visiting with a family in their home in Huacaltzingo Mexico

Most families in Huacaltzingo are living in very humble circumstances, but all are happy and giving. They love to share a meal with the missionaries.

Elder and Sister Dixon with other missionaries in Huacaltzingo Mexico

Since the Dixons began serving in this remote country town in January of 2023, several members have come back to full church activity. The Dixons teach English Connect to members of the branch, including inactive and recently activated young people. They are also helping prepare the members to attend the temple that will be shortly dedicated in the city of Puebla, Mexico, which is approximately 1 1/2 hours away.

A big thank you to all of you at Bountiful and in Bountiful’s communities worldwide who are making a difference in so many lives!

Brother and Sister Dixon on preparation day

Brother Dixon at the beach in Mexico
Sister Dixon hiking in Mexico

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  1. Angela Johnson

    A big thank you to the Dixon family for their support of children in need and putting their convictions into action!


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