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Guatemala NutriTour Installs Cook Tops

Jun 21, 2018 | 2018, Guatemala, News, NutriTours | 0 comments

Another group of volunteers have made the trek to Guatemala and back to participate in our 2018 Humanitarian Nutritour! Here is a snippet of the trip through the eyes of one of our participants:

“I liked my trip a lot. It was as I expected in terms of weighing and measuring the kids during screenings. I really loved the kids, parents and my co-volunteers. And I had a nice translator and driver. I was entertained by the hotels, loved the food and all I learned about the country. What really shocked me was how so many of the members we helped in their homes actually lived! These folks have dirt floors and cook with wood gathered by hand and with no ventilation! How naive can a man of 74 be? We installed three cook tops of aluminum with a vent pipe, carried beds into the wilderness (literally), and built an outhouse for a family who lived miles from anywhere in the beautiful mountains. These are the same conditions that people had in 3000 B.C. I could see that our love came across and was so happy that I was doing a little something for them. It is ironic that their properties in the high mountains would be expensive real estate in our country, and yet they live on it in pre-historic fashion. I am favorably impressed with Bountiful and would like to go again. Thanks for making it happen for me.” – Jake

And here are some pictures from their adventures!

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