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Bake Sale to Benefit Bountiful

May 1, 2018 | 2018, Events, News | 1 comment

Hosting a bake sale is a great way to make a positive impact. Read Laura’s story to see how easy it is to get your whole family involved in supporting kids all over the globe. 

Laura’s kids made all the signs for the event.

How did you get your idea? 

My children wanted to hold a bake sale, so I agreed to do all the baking if they would donate their earnings to charity. The kids were excited about the idea. We watched a video of the BCF website to show them who they would be helping. The kids were interested to know in which countries the kids we were helping lived. 

How did you set up your event?

We setup a folding table on our street and the kids sold baked goods for two hours. We advertised on Instagram and Facebook to encourage our neighbors, friends, and family to stop by. We mentioned that we were donating all proceeds to BCF.  We sold cookies, peanut butter bars, loaves of bread, mint brownies, and macarons. Anything works!

Chocolate chip cookies are always a hit!

How did you get your kids involved? 

My kids helped a little with baking, but mainly they made the signs, setup the table and sold the goods. They took care of selling the baked goods all by themselves. 

How did this impact your kids? 

I hope it taught them the importance of helping others, rather than just trying to help themselves. 

We are trying to teach them that there is a great need in the world for those less fortunate, and to help them to be more charitable and less materialistic. 

How could others get their kids involved? 

It doesn’t take much to help a malnourished child in some of these poverty stricken areas. A little bit goes a long way. It’s easy to show your children how even $5-$10 can help those less fortunate, and they can take the opportunity to fundraise and help others. It’s a motivating thing because it is so easy to make a positive impact and do real good in this world. 

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  1. Angela Johnson

    Thank you for doing this. What a great idea!


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