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Guatemala NutriTour Increases Conviction

Jul 1, 2019 | 2019, Guatemala, News, NutriTours | 0 comments

Volunteers went to Guatemala on a NutriTour. They were able to render service in helping with screenings for malnutrition, visiting families to bring them hope, and visit several tourist sites.

Nicole Corpron shares her experience on the trip…

“I was lucky enough to go on a Nutritour to Guatemala. I wanted to go to Guatemala because I had chosen Guatemala to support in memory of my Dad. My Dad had served an LDS mission to Guatemala.

“I was so excited to meet the people! The trip was beyond my expectations. It was humbling because instantly the people were open and kind. They were accepting. My Spanish skills are minimal but it didn’t matter because we were all united in love.

“It was humbling to see the kids and their parents. Babies who were so small but now had hope. The parents wanted what any parents would want for their children; to be happy and healthy.

“I loved being able to play with the kids and see in action what Bountiful Children’s does. The volunteers and coordinators are angels. I think the work is fulfilling part of the call, “To Feed My Sheep.”

“If you support BCF, go and see. Your heart will be touched and conviction resolved in continuing this important work.“


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