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Donor Appreciation Dinner

Oct 29, 2019 | 2019, Events, News, Spotlights | 0 comments

Donors and friends of the foundation enjoyed a delicious meal at Molly’s Restaurant in Provo.

“Without many hands doing a lot of work we couldn’t achieve nearly what we have been able to achieve,” Tim Heaton, the current Bountiful President said.

Coordinators from Cambodia, Colombia, Guatemala, Mongolia, and the Philippines were in attendance and spoke of struggles and successes in the fight to eliminate malnutrition in their respective nations.

“Hunger is increasing daily,” said Gloria Rosales, Bountiful’s regional coordinator in Central America. She and her local counterparts serve 350 expectant mothers and 2,500 children.

Local coordinators travel three to four days a month in their areas to deliver the nutritional supplement to children and families, explained Rosales.

“Government programs don’t reach those areas that need help the most,” she said. “Bountiful Children has done great work in these places.”

Coordinator for Mongolia, Oyunaa Popovich, has been with Bountiful for two years.

“That’s why I’m volunteering; I can see happy faces every month when kids receive their supplements,” she said.

I can see improvement in our kids. They are really growing and developing,” Popovich added. “Because of your donations our Heavenly Father is blessing you. You are saving many lives. Please continue what you are doing.”

“Right now you are helping 2,572 children, including some in the womb and some who are still nursing,” explained Cristie Deyro, coordinator for the Philippines.

She related the story of a father who earns $6 a day working construction to support his family.

“The supplements are welcome help to them,” she said. “Children are the most important treasures we have on earth.”

“We do this with willing hearts because we love the children,” said Rosales. “Thank you for partnering with us to help these children.”

“We’re making a difference in a lot of kids’ lives,” concluded Heaton with emotion.


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