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Father’s Day 2023

Jun 7, 2023 | 2023, Events, Philippines, Spotlights | 1 comment

We at Bountiful want to spotlight twelve of the wonderful fathers that have children in the Bountiful program. The coordinators in their areas have shared their pictures and how they are doing all they can to help support their families.

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Chris and Nitasha love to go swimming and watch movies together.

Fathers by Bountiful 06 - Chris and Nitaxha

Jodel Asur is 30 years old and is the youngest branch president Tabaco, Philippines has ever had. He married after one year of courtship with fellow RM Lyra Grace Yoro and was blessed with two cute children, Joseph 5 years and Jadie 2 years. Ludivina, the Bountiful coordinator, says, “He is a blessing to so many families and individuals. He has a soft, kind heart and is a humble person. He is very thankful for the supplements BCF gives to their children and other children that are the recipients of the Foundation. He is very supportive of his wife and is a good example to all husbands and fathers. A big thank you to all of the wonderful Dad’s raising beautiful children!”

Fathers by Bountiful 05 - Jodel and Jadie

Elmer and Amanda love to sing and dance together.

Fathers by Bountiful 07 - Elmer and Amanda

Jon Jon is the father of Eyrah. Jon Jon shares, “As a father I will do everything to give my daughter Eyrah a good future. I work as a Barangay Service Point Officer here in our barangay and at the same time I am a private tutor. Despite my busy schedule, I still make time for my daughter so that we can play because I believe that time spent with her is never wasted.”

Fathers by Bountiful 03 - Jon Jon and Eyrah

Rey and Rheyzie like to play & watch cartoons together.

Fathers by Bountiful 08 - Rey and Rheyzie

Daniel’s father, Ariel, is a farmer. Anna Liza, the Bountiful coordinator shares, ‘Despite the hardships of life, he supports his two children by providing for their needs and sending them to school. He and his wife are very grateful for all of Bountiful’s help for their children. Because of the supplements, their children are growing up healthy and intelligent. They were given hope that their child’s life would be better one day.’ Daniel wants to be a police officer when he grows up.

Fathers by Bountiful 02 - Ariel and Daniel

Mark and Saffia like to play and sleep together.

Fathers by Bountiful 09 - Mark and Saffie

Ronald Gervacio is 46 years old and is a father of six. His youngest daughter, Rabiya, is a recipient since his wife was pregnant with her. Rabiya is now 2 years old and is strong and healthy. Ronald does not have a stable job but is currently working as a part-time laborer. Without a stable source of income, they as a family do not have enough to sustain their daily needs. He shares that he is thankful for the foundation. He sees it as a blessing to his family, especially for Rabiya. He is thankful for all the donors that help his daughter and so many more.

Fathers by Bountiful 04 - Ronald and Rabiya

Wilbert and Rowie like to go to church, the mall, and go swimming.

Fathers by Bountiful 10 - Wilbert and Rowie

Caeden is 15 months old and is in the Bountiful program. His father Nigyl is 21 and lives in Kalibo, Philippines. Nigyl goes to school in the day studying Hotel Management and works as a tricycle driver in the evening to support his family. Eleonor, the Bountiful coordinator shares, ‘Nigyl’s wife says he is a responsible, talented, and loving father.’

Fathers by Bountiful 01 - Nigyl and Caden

Edwin and Rinnoa like to play at the park.

Fathers by Bountiful 11 - Edwin and Rinnoa

Lambert is the father of 4 children. The Bountiful coordinator in Mandaue says, “He works hard to sustain his family’s needs. His job is catching fish every night. He has chickens and a little vegetable garden, too. Even how tired he is, he always find time to play with his children.”

Fathers by Bountiful 12 - Lambert father of four

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  1. Angela Johnson

    A big thank you to all of the Father’s who make such a difference in their children’s lives and those they come in contact with.


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