Bountiful Children's Foundation

Bountiful Celebration Cards

For as little as $8, help a friend or family member celebrate their special day!

Your celebration card can be emailed to you, mailed to the recipient, or posted on Bountiful Children’s social media to be shared with the recipient.

First, browse the available styles in our gallery at the left and make your choice. Each style has a number and name at the top. If the style you choose includes a photo, please email the photo to

Click on the button below to choose your gift amount and card style, and then provide the needed information during the order process. *Please note that after choosing the “Honor” or “Memorial” option from the drop down menu at the bottom of the form a “Notify the Recipient?” option will appear. Click the “Yes” button and this will bring up the form to enter the contact information for your recipient. It does require you to enter a mailing address, but you can enter your address here if you are not planning on ordering the physical celebration card. If you are ordering the card to be mailed, then this is where you will enter the recipients mailing address.