Bountiful Children's Foundation

Our Approach

We are a Global Nutrition Organization

We provide nutritional supplements to children in 20 countries around the world using local leaders and local food supplements, focusing on the first 1,000 days of life.

Once a child has been screened and identified as undernourished according to World Health Organization growth charts, they are enrolled in our program.

Bountiful trains the Coordinators
to teach Health Lessons to the families

Our seven health lessons are coupled to initial screenings, periodic follow-up screenings, supplement distribution, and home visits. All needy pregnant and lactating mothers are enrolled in the program and given nutritional supplements, as are children through age 3.

Our health lessons  promote exclusive breastfeeding until 6 months,
and nursing mothers are given food supplements.

Our coordinators also educate families on child cognitive development.

Cognitive Stimulation, Health Lesson 1

Our approach includes:

Micronutrient and calorie
dense supplements

Growth monitoring
every 6 months

Educating families on hygienic,
healthy food preparation
and meal planning

Country and Community Coordinators

Coordinators are selected by local leaders and volunteer to serve the children.
This short video explains how we organize: 

Growth Monitoring in the Philippines

Whether it is on a park bench, on the roadside, in a bamboo hut, under the shade of a mango tree, or on the cement floor, Bountiful coordinators find a way and a place to get the children’s height and weight to check their progress.