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Undernutrition contributes to the deaths of over 3 million children and threatens the futures
of millions more. We're a global organization on a mission to change that

by nurturing the future change makers of the world.

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In 2020, Bountiful Children:

because of support from generous donors.

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The Bountiful Children's Foundation serves over 200 communities in 16 countries throughout
the world. Learn how to help.

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Our Work

Learn how we help children throughout the world like those in Madagascar

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But we're not done yet! We need your help to reach 100,000
more kids in need. Here's how you can get involved

Make it a Family Affair

Get the whole family excited about giving to nutrition!

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Share our message of how nutrition empowers children around the globe.

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Give $100 and you can support a child for one year.

Adopt a Community

For $6,000 a year you can sponsor a nutrition program in an area of your choice.

Travel the World

Visit our programs, meet the children we serve, and see new places.

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Learn more about the importance of nutrition in the first 1,000 days.

Where #ourbountifulkids are the heart of the story

100% of our operating costs are covered by private donors so that 100% of your donation will go directly to kids in need!

These 2 Boys Were Born The Same Day In The Same Town, But Their Lives Will Be Dramatically Different

Huffington Post article on how chronic malnourishment damages the bodies and brains of 1 in 4 children worldwide.

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2019 Highlights

In 2019, with your help we were able to provide 1.8 millions supplements to children and pregnant and nursing mothers in 18 countries across the globe!

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More News from Madagascar

The first parent in line for the screening was a father with a malnourished seven-month-old child. We later discovered that his wife died three weeks ago, leaving him with the sole care of six children, from seven months to seventeen years.

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