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Our Impact

Our Highlights from 2022

At Bountiful Children, we care deeply about changing the lives of the children in our programs, and measuring our impact through the growth of enrolled children is how we make sure we’re heading in the right direction.

Children are measured at program screenings, and categorized as chronically malnourished (too short or too thin for their age, otherwise known as stunted or underweight), acutely malnourished (too thin for their height, also known as wasted), at risk of malnourishment, and normal.

Every six months children are re-screened by the country coordinator by taking new height and weight measurements. The data is recorded digitally and uploaded to our database. This allows us to track their nutritional status and any changes that happen. Children who have the greatest risk of dying have low weight for their height (wasted), so we especially want to see improvement moving kids out of this risk category.