Bountiful Children's Foundation


100s of Bountiful volunteers make our worldwide effort possible!

“No humanitarian effort is more foundational to Christ’s Church than feeding the hungry….
As we serve together, we extend the reach of Christ’s loving arms.”
— President Camille N. Johnson

You can volunteer as an individual, as a couple, as a family, or as a community group.
Our commitment to nourishing the children depends on our volunteers.

Become a Bountiful Service Volunteer!

Bountiful depends on volunteers for fundraising
  • Join monthly ideas meetings on Zoom
  • Help plan and organize events like Zoom meetings, Hunger Banquets and NutriTours
  • Host events
  • Start a Malnutrition Club at your school or join BYU-Provo’s club here.
Home-office work abounds
at Bountiful
  • Write personal thank you notes
  • Add, like, and share ideas for social media
  • Help write blog posts
  • Bookkeeping and tabulation of statistics
  • Catalog and curate Bountiful’s digital assets
Artistic work attracts donors and volunteers
  • Serve as photographer and/or videographer for events or NutriTours
  • Serve as graphic artist for print and web publications
  • Help design printed materials and web pages
  • Edit photographs and videos for publication
Web-based volunteers keep us together worldwide
  • We will train!
  • Write blog posts
  • Moderate blog comments
  • Assist with website maintenance and development
  • Contribute to and moderate Bountiful’s social media presence

Services most needed at this time:

•  Video editing and publication
•  Website maintenance and development (will train)

Bountiful Service Volunteer Application Form