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An individual or a group provides $6,000 a year for a specific community.

The Adopt-A-Community Program is a program where an individual or a group of individuals adopts one of Bountiful Children’s nutrition programs throughout the world and commits to raise and provide $6000/year to support the nutritional supplementation program which benefits at risk pregnant/lactating mothers, malnourished infants, and malnourished young children.

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Sponsor a Community

We’ll Help Walk You Through the Steps

Although there are helpful tips below, we’re available to personally coach you through the steps of sponsoring a community. Everyone’s goals and opportunities are unique, so help from someone with exprience can turn your desire to bless the children into a joyful adventure.

Adoption and Fundraising Tips

Create a Network for Good Fundraiser

Set up a fundraiser in 5 minutes using the Network For Good platform and invite friends and family to join in sponsoring a community: 

Fundraising though an existing organization

Members of a groups such as returned missionaries, social clubs, Facebook groups, study groups, groups of employees, student clubs, sororities and fraternities may have a common interest in organizing a Light the World event that focuses on worldwide child nutrition.

Organize a Fireside Meeting

Contact us below to Invite a Bountiful representative to present at a fireside meeting in Utah County, Utah (and possibly another location) using the contact form below.

Schedule a Zoom Meeting

Contact us below to set up a time to meet with your family and friends to share your excitement about adopting a community.


Plan a Zoom or Fireside meeting:

We’ll work with you to create an engaging event

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Sierra Leone Communities Available for Adoption