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Our Story

Our story begain with a picture . . .

. . . a picture of a small Ecuadorian boy in the pediatric ICU being fed only banana water.

“Why is he there?” we asked.

“We ran out of money for formula,” his father replied.

We never got to meet this boy since he passed away soon after. But at that moment something shifted; something needed to be done, no matter the obstacles.

But success is not possible without taking risks. Over the next eight years, many attempts were made to start what is now the Bountiful Children’s Foundation. From these years of building, it became clear how the organization should be run; it must be led by local trusted leaders from the community itself, include the purchase of local nutrition supplements, teach meaningful health lessons, and follow up with children’s growth monitoring to ensure progress. These principles are the foundation of Bountiful Children. Linked by their common faith as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, our board formed in 2008 to develop a method that meets the needs of children based on the best scientific and medical information for addressing malnutrition.

Since starting in just one community, we are now providing supplements to over 18,000 children in nearly 200 communities.

Bountiful Children is now a global movement to end malnutrition, composed of more than 400 volunteers in 17 countries. Our country coordinators are passionate, trusted, and impactful leaders. They are committed to the children they work with; teaching monthly health lessons, working with parents, and advocating for a world without undernutrition. Thousands of malnourished children have improved, through generous contributions and acts both large and small.

We will continue to work tirelessly to overcome the obstacles that stand between the realities of
today and a world where every child can reach their full potential through proper nutrition.

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