Bountiful Children's Foundation


Honduras population: 9,904,607 in 2022
GDP per capita (US$): $2,389 in 2020

Cost to Run Program for 1 Year: $6000

Nutritional Supplements Used:

  • Incaprina

Fact from the World Health Organization:

Optimizing Nutrition

Optimizing nutrition early in life—including the 1000 days from conception to a child’s second birthday—ensures the best possible start in life, with long-term benefits.

Source: WHO Fact Sheets - Malnutrition, 2022

Diamela de Los Milagros Arauz

Community Coordinator

My name is Diamela de los Milagros Arauz, I was born on February 14 between the border of Honduras and Nicaragua. When I was a child I moved to Honduras, my mother’s country of origin and where I have lived to date. Currently I am married and have 5 wonderful children, have a bachelor’s degree in nursing, and serve as president of the primary organization in my neighborhood. In 2015 I became part of the Bountiful Foundation and since then one of my goals is to be able to open a daycare center to help the most vulnerable and needy children who live in my community.

Bountiful's Community Coordinators

Community coordinators serve with Bountiful as volunteers. They organize other local volunteers and together conduct screenings, train families, distribute locally-purchased nutritional supplements, and follow up on infant development.

Danli Thank You Notes

Letters from parents to the Foundation

By means of the present, we greet you very cordially thanking you donors for your donations which provide the Incaparina supplements. We are praying for you so that this program can always be active. It is of great help for the children who need it.

May our Heavenly Father guide you every step you take and pour out many blessings upon all the organizers of this project.

Thank you,

Dear brothers and sisters,

I greet you with many blessings in the name of Jesus Christ. To you I am very grateful for the help of the Incaparina supplement program since it is a work of great benefit for those children who need it so much. We are very grateful, as is my daughter. May you always be blessed. In short, we love you very much.


Letter from Stake President

Danli Stake, Honduras

Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Bountiful Children’s Foundation,

The presidency of the Danli Stake send a warm greeting. The reason is to thank you for the support you have given up to this time to our childhood that present some degree of malnutrition. I can tell you that we have been able to help many children who are members and non-members of our locality and have had an improvement in terms of their nutritional status, we currently have 61 children who are in the program in our stake.

For my part, I am very grateful for the help you have given me in our stake. We hope to continue receiving your help as it is of great importance for the nutrition of our children.

President Salinas
Danli Stake, Honduras

Danli Photo Gallery

Considering A Donation?

All donations go toward identifying mothers and children in need, providing food supplements, health lessons, and other services. All donations are welcomed. Recurring monthly donations support community stability.

  • $8 = nourish 1 child for a month
  • $25 = nourish 3 children for a month
  • $100 = nourish 1 child for a year
  • $500 = nourish an average community for a month
  • $6,000 = nourish a community of your choice for one year

Christmas Greetings from the Children of Honduras

Bountiful's Mission

Our mission is to provide nutritional supplementation to malnourished children and pregnant/nursing mothers as well as to teach health and cognitive development skills to families in the areas we serve.