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Colombia population: 50,882,891 in 2022
GDP per capita (US$): $5,335 in 2020

Cost to Run Program for 1 Year: $6000

Nutritional Supplements Used:

  • Bienestarina

Fact from UNICEF / WHO / World Bank:

Preventing Malnutrition

Although malnutrition can manifest in multiple ways, the path to prevention is virtually identical: adequate maternal nutrition before and during pregnancy and while breastfeeding; optimal breastfeeding in the first two years of life; nutritious, diverse and safe foods in early childhood; and a healthy environment, including access to basic health, water, hygiene and sanitation services and opportunities for safe physical activity.

Source: Levels and trends in child malnutrition, 2021

Margarita Esther Márquez Gomez

Community Coordinator

I have been a member of the Church since October 17, 1982. I served a mission in 1986-1987 in Bogotá Colombia. I am married to Alberto Muñoz and sealed in the temple in Peru. We are parents of 5. Our 3 sons also served missions. I have 3 granddaughters. I have served as a morning seminary teacher for 3 years, seminary supervisor, stake Relief Society president, primary president, institute teacher, temple worker in Barranquilla, etc, I am studying law and I am in my thesis. I know without a doubt that the church is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God just as I know that our prophet Russel M. Nelson is a servant of the Lord. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and I love the gospel. I have served the Lord in his church for 40 years and now I also do it as a social leader among the most vulnerable including the children of the Foundation, whom I love very much.

Bountiful's Community Coordinators

Community coordinators serve with Bountiful as volunteers. They organize other local volunteers and together conduct screenings, train families, distribute locally-purchased supplements, and follow up on infant development.

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Considering A Donation?

100% of your donation goes directly toward helping children in need! Overhead costs are covered by generous board member donations.

  • $8 = feeds 1 child for a month
  • $25 = feeds 3 children for a month
  • $100 = feeds 1 child for a year
  • $500 = feeds an average community for a month
  • $6,000 = adopts a community of your choice for one year

Blanca from Colombia's Message to Donors

Bountiful's Mission

Our mission is to nurture the potential of infants and toddlers to lead healthy, productive, and self-reliant lives by eliminating malnutrition. 100% of every dollar donated is used to help children in need.

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