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Philippine’s population: 11,922,995 in 2022
GDP per capita (US$): $3,143 in 2020

Cost to Run Program for 1 Year: $6000

Nutritional Supplements Used:

  • 6-12 months – Cerelac
  • 13-24 months – Alaska powdered milk
  • 25-36 months – peanut butter + MNP (micronutrient powder)
  • 37-60 months – MNP (micronutrient powder)
  • Pregnant and Lactating Mothers – peanut butter

Fact from UNICEF / WHO / World Bank:

Child Wasting: 45.4 million

Wasting in children is the life-threatening result of poor nutrient intake and/or disease. Children suffering from wasting have weakened  immunity, are susceptible to long-term developmental delays and face an increased risk of death, particularly when wasting is severe.  These children require urgent treatment and care to survive. In 2020, 45.4 million children under 5 were affected by wasting, of which 13.6 million were severely wasted.

Source: Levels and trends in child malnutrition, 2021

Mazy Summerfield Papa

Community Coordinator

Mazy is a Mathematics major from Olonggapo City, north of Manila. She is an enterprising mother of 2. She started volunteering for BCF when her daughter became a recipient in 2014. She loves cooking, up-cycling, and making crafts and accessories. In her aMAZYng YouTube food blog she shares easy, nutritious and novel recipes. “I am happy to be part of BCF. I feel blessed to be an instrument in helping these less-fortunate children. Their smile is enough to erase all my fatigue. I realize that small and simple acts can change lives.”

Bountiful's Community Coordinators

Community coordinators serve with Bountiful as volunteers. They organize other local volunteers and together conduct screenings, train families, distribute locally-purchased supplements, and follow up on infant development.

Novaliches 1 success story

Katelyn was 2 years old when she started receiving nutritional supplements with Bountiful. Katelyn recently turned 10 and is doing great! She loves to play the piano, draw, edit videos, and help with her little brother. Her Mom Mazy started volunteering to help the local coordinator with screenings. She is now the local coordinator in the area.

Considering A Donation?

100% of your donation goes directly toward helping children in need! Overhead costs are covered by generous board member donations.

  • $8 = feeds 1 child for a month
  • $25 = feeds 3 children for a month
  • $100 = feeds 1 child for a year
  • $500 = feeds an average community for a month
  • $6,000 = adopts a community of your choice for one year

A 2020 Christmas Thank You from Children of the Philippines

Bountiful's Mission

Our mission is to provide nutritional supplementation to malnourished children and pregnant/nursing mothers as well as to teach health and cognitive development skills to families in the areas we serve.