About Us

The first 1000 days of life for an infant and young child are critical for the normal development of the mind and body. From the moment of conception, proper nutrition of the mother promotes normal growth of the brain. After birth, infants and children who do not receive adequate calories and proper amounts of vitamins and minerals are likely to experience decreased growth of the body and brain which can lead to life-long consequences. These consequences may include increased incidence of disease, starvation and death, lowered intelligence, learning disabilities, and poor job performance. For those that survive, these effects decrease the child’s ability to learn and to become self-reliant in adulthood.

The Bountiful Children’s Foundation (BCF) provides a crucial intervention for young infants and children and their mothers during this critical developmental window. Founded in 2008, BCF provides therapeutic nutritional supplementation to pregnant and lactating women and to infants and young children. Services are provided to women and children who are undernourished as based on measurements of height and weight compared to standardized World Health Organization growth charts. We also provide educational lessons to families to promote healthy nutritional practices, sustained breastfeeding, and appropriate hygienic measures. We will soon be implementing lessons that promote cognitive stimulation of infants and young children to enhance their ability to learn and develop normally.

The Bountiful Children’s Foundation currently serves 13,000 children in communities throughout the world. All are welcome to participate in our services without regard to race, ethnic status, or religious affiliation. Join with us as we work to nourish the potential of children to lead healthy and productive lives.