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Hunger Banquet in American Fork

Mar 11, 2016 | News and Updates | 0 comments

A hunger banquet was held at American Heritage School. The student government helped provide the food to give to those attending. There were 3 classes representing the people of the world. The wealthiest 10% ate a lavish meal, 30% represented the middle class and ate a regular meal, and 60% represented those living in poverty and ate rice and beans.

A family shares…

“We first met Bountiful Children when they held a hunger banquet at our children’s school. My son and I sat on cardboard boxes while the rest of the family ate at tables. At first, we joked but then my son started having fun making a house out of boxes. We settled in and found ourselves being very moved by what was being said. Afterwards, we decided we need to go on a NutriTour. It changed our lives forever. We have been helping Bountiful ever since. How grateful I am for the work they are doing to help the most vulnerable…children.”

— Angela Johnson


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