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Manta, Ecuador Earthquake

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On April 16, 2016, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit the northern coast of Ecuador and was followed by large aftershocks. Hundreds of people lost their lives as a result, but we were very grateful when we received word from one of our BCF coordinators in Manta. Manta is one of the cities along the coast of Ecuador that was close to the earthquake epicenter and had the highest number of causalties from the earthquake. So, it was very touching to hear how the Lord was watching over the families there. Here is the email we received from Manta:

18 April 2016

Montecrisiti power has been restored, so we can communicate that we are well. We were protected. There is no other way to say it. The Lord watches over us and the Spirit guided us to prepare some days ago. Although some of our brothers and sisters suffered much, they are now staying in the chapel. The greatest consolation for us was to be able to arrive at the stake center with multigrain products to alleviate a little of the need of our brothers and sisters. We had stored the product in previous months like [we had been directed] to do. [My wife and I] had almost 24 cans of multigrain cereals saved. What a joy it was for me and Grace to arrive on Sunday and say to the Stake President that the Bountiful Foundation had provision for the children of the church, more than 500 cans of multigrain cereals to alleviate the hunger of our children. They are being used according to necessity, and in a moment of such need the Foundation was the first to help. On behalf of everyone of us, we thank those who have donated and that we can use this in this time of pain to literally alleviate the hunger of our children that lost everything. For us, it is more material loss than that of our brothers. Many were protected.

Thank you for your prayers and concern.

Alfonso and Grace (Ecuador Manta Stake Coordinator)

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