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Peru Christmas NutriTour

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Cusco Screening and Christmas Party.

Just before Christmas, BCF led a Nutritour to Peru. The Nutritour began in Lima and ended in Cusco. Here is a summary from Angela Johnson on her experience as a Nutritour participant with two of her children:

How grateful I am that we were able to go to Peru on a Nutritiour.  I love meeting the coordinators and volunteers who are so willing to give of their time and energy.  We had a wonderful experience in Lima in getting to visit the temple and the beach.  The best part of the trip is always getting to meet the children and their Moms typically.  The screenings are busy and exciting as you meet children that are in the program and who want to see if they qualify to receive supplements from BCF.  We got to hold some of the most adorable babies and try to talk in our broken Spanish to the older children.

Screening for malnutrition in Lima.

Angela holding baby Angela at Lima screening.

Mother and her baby at screening in Lima.

We had a wonderful time Sunday as we attended church and my children got to make some new friends.  We loved getting to visit some of the families homes that are being blessed by Bountiful’s support.  It’s amazing to see homes up the sides of the mountains.  It’s hard to imagine walking up and down each day to get to work and school. 

Hiking to visit a family in Lima.

Visiting a family at their home on the side of the mountain.

We flew to Cusco and got to enjoy a city tour and shopping in the market.  What an adventure that was!  We could buy a toy, blanket, some clothes, souvenirs, and grab some popcorn to munch on the way.  Have you seen the size of the corn in Cusco?  Wow! 

Cusco city tour.

Alpaca we saw on city tour.

Posing with Grandma, child, and llamas on the city tour.

We loved getting to visit Machu Picchu and the adventure it is to visit there.  My daughter said we can’t go to Peru and not visit one of the wonders of the world.  There is no doubt why it is one of the wonders.  It was just breathtaking. 

Machu Picchu watch tower.

Machu Picchu.

We enjoyed getting to stay with a family while in Cusco.  It is such a unique experience to stay with members in another country.  We had a wonderful testimony meeting with them for Family Home Evening.  We had fun trying the unique cuisine such as different specialty soups, Alpaca meat, and Cui (guinea pig) while in Peru.

Trying the Peruvian cuisine – guinea pig.

The best part is always getting to the part where we see the children, though.  We got to visit with some children in Cusco that are in the program.  We had a party with them afterwards.  We brought coloring books, got a piñata and had lots of yummy treats.

Cusco Christmas party. Children showing their artwork.

Girls in Cusco coloring at Christmas party.

Little boy busy coloring at Christmas party.

Breaking the pinata.

 We also visited children in Urubamba.  I was really touched while we were there.  There are beautiful and kind children and Moms there.  We were fortunate to find out about a particular family that we could help a little more.  

Young man preparing for mission assisting with screenings in Urubamba.

Expectant mother with her son at the screening in Urubamba.

Mom and baby at screening.

Measuring baby’s length.

Weighing baby at Urubamba screening.

Baby being weighed.

Measuring weight of baby at screening.

We also met a little 7 year old boy who was crying as he walked by the church.  We asked if he wanted to come in as he had said his home was far.  He cheered up after a few minutes and had lots of goodies with us.  He stayed with us while we finished up doing the screenings and then we took him to his house.  His parents still weren’t home so we were sad to say goodbye.  We were glad he was able to have a fun day with the kids, though.  It seems like there is always an experience that just touches your heart and makes you realize what a need there is in countries that are struggling with incredible poverty. 

I love going to the orphanage so we can play and visit with the children.  We got to visit the boys orphanage.  

Boys at the orphanage in Cusco.

Johnson family with boys at the Cusco orphanage.

There were several 5-17 year olds that I wish I could have taken home.  It has really spurred a desire to get out the word about international adoption agencies that help children in Central and South America find a family they can be a part of.  If you know of anyone considering adoption, there are agencies such as and who have 1000’s of children waiting to be a part of a family.  Did you know that U.S. adoptions have gone from approximately 20,000/year in 2007 down to around 5,000/year in 2015?  Spread the word about these beautiful children looking for a home!

We ended our trip by visiting some more families in Cusco. It is so wonderful to get to see where some of the children are living and the efforts of their parents to do all they can with what they have. 

Visiting family in Cusco.

Young children in the family we visited.

I feel so grateful that we were able to share some time with these wonderful Peruvian families.  Have you been on a Nutritiour?  All I can say is that it is life changing.  Thank you BCF for the wonderful experience!


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