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Fight Malnutrition Club starts at BYU

Feb 22, 2022 | News and Updates | 2 comments

College students at BYU Provo have started a Fight Malnutrition club on campus.  Here are some of the activities they are doing…

-A hunger banquet with live music and food.

– A movie night that includes watching Living On a Dollar a Day.

– Assembling sensory stimulation toys for infants in the Bountiful Children program.

-And so much more!

Are you interested in joining or starting a Fight Malnutrition club at your school or joining the club at BYU?  

What a great cause we are all involved in!  Thank you for your support.

BYU students help raise awareness of malnutrition

The BYU Fight Malnutrition Club banner


  1. Angela Johnson

    Thank you for all of your hard work in helping raise awareness of malnutrition! We sure appreciate your club.

  2. Kurt

    This is exciting!


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