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Liberia Update

Feb 28, 2023 | 2023, Liberia, News | 1 comment

You may remember last year when Joseph Myers reached out while on a mission asking for help for children in his home country of Liberia. His dream has come true. Malnutrition screenings have begun there.

Danni and His Mom Barbara

Joseph is pictured here in a red shirt with a little boy named Danni:

Joseph Myers and Danni in Monrovia Liberia

You can visibly see in Danni the malnutrition issues many children have when they come to their first screening. Danni was diagnosed during his screening as being severely malnourished. Our hearts go out to the parents doing all they can, and we want to do something big to help. Fortunately, something as simple and inexpensive as monthly supplements will help get Danni back on track. When Danni participates in the program, he will be receiving the nutrients his body needs during the most crucial time of his life. His brain will develop more fully as his body is fed what it needs to thrive. He will be more likely to succeed in his future endeavors. This is a photo of Danni with his mom, Barbara:

Danni and Mom in Monrovia Liberia

Here’s a little more Joseph shares about Danni’s mom, Barbara. Barbara is a single mother who faces some serious situations. She sells things in the streets to try and provide for her son. Danni stays with his Grandma while Barbara works.

Lassanah and Her Mom Satta

Joseph also told us about Satta and Lassanah who are pictured below. Satta is a single mom who cleans houses to make a living. She lives in the slums of New Kru Town. A friend told her about the screening and she brought her daughter Lassanah (pictured below). Lassanah has been diagnosed as being severely malnourished.

Sata and Lassanah in Monrovia Liberia

Joseph’s Background

Joseph Myers, the coordinator in Liberia, served a mission in Nigeria from 2020-2022 and is currently a nurse assistant. He says, “I observed children, members and non-members, who needed help particularly with nutrition. I heard about Bountiful and sought help to improve and save the lives of children in Liberia.” We are so grateful Joseph reached out, and that screenings are now taking place in Liberia to help the most vulnerable population…children.

Joseph S. Myers

Joseph S Myers Bountiful Childrens Coordinator Monrovia Liberia

Liberia’s Country and Community Pages at Bountiful

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  1. Angela Johnson

    We are so grateful to you Joseph! Thank you for helping the children of Liberia.


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