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Philippine’s population: 11,922,995 in 2022
GDP per capita (US$): $3,143 in 2020

Cost to Run Program for 1 Year: $6000

Nutritional Supplements Used:

  • 6-12 months – Cerelac
  • 13-24 months – Alaska powdered milk
  • 25-36 months – peanut butter + MNP (micronutrient powder)
  • 37-60 months – MNP (micronutrient powder)
  • Pregnant and Lactating Mothers – peanut butter

Fact from UNICEF / WHO / World Bank:

Good Nutrition

Good nutrition sets children on the path to survive and thrive. Well-nourished children grow, develop, learn, play, participate and contribute – while malnutrition robs children of their full potential, with consequences for children, nations and the world.

Source: Levels and trends in child malnutrition, 2021

Anna Liza Butones

Community Coordinator

Everybody calls her Liza. She was born in Taytay, Rizal but grew up in Tayug, Pangasinan. She is a returned missionary from the Philippines Cabanatuan Mission and served there from June 1995 to December 1996. She was married in the Philippines Manila Temple on February 1997 to Nelson L. Butones. She is the mother of three beautiful children and her eldest son just finished serving as a full time missionary in the Philippines Davao Mission. She started volunteering with Bountiful Children in May 2016, and recently she was given the assignment to be the Communications Specialist for Bountiful Children in the Philippines.

Bountiful's Community Coordinators

Community coordinators serve with Bountiful as volunteers. They organize other local volunteers and together conduct screenings, train families, distribute locally-purchased supplements, and follow up on infant development.

A story from Rosales, Philippines

Jennifer is a single mother raising her son Jyohann after her husband left. She has heart disease but doesn’t let that stop her from caring and supporting her child.

She says, “I know I have a lot more to go through in life but I believe I can do everything to support my dear son through my intense love for him and placing the Lord at the center of our relationship.”

Rosales Photo Gallery

Considering A Donation?

100% of your donation goes directly toward helping children in need! Overhead costs are covered by generous board member donations.

  • $8 = feeds 1 child for a month
  • $25 = feeds 3 children for a month
  • $100 = feeds 1 child for a year
  • $500 = feeds an average community for a month
  • $6,000 = adopts a community of your choice for one year

A 2020 Christmas Thank You from Children of the Philippines

Bountiful's Mission

Our mission is to nurture the potential of infants and toddlers to lead healthy, productive, and self-reliant lives by eliminating malnutrition. 100% of every dollar donated is used to help children in need.

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