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2015 BYU Interns in Peru

May 27, 2015 | News and Updates | 0 comments

From Anna Gregory: The first screening was overwhelming. I am here with a baby of my own, who is very big, healthy, and chubby. I could tell that these mothers would do anything to have been able to give their babies what I have been able to give mine. They were here because they needed help. Many of these babies had the telltale signs of malnourishment, they had wispy hair, big needy eyes, and were tired and some of them sick. It broke my heart, but also gave me hope that we can actually help them and make a difference. Everyone asked me about breastfeeding. One of the moms talked about how she knew how important it was to breastfeed the baby, but she was too malnourished to do it, so she had her sister breastfeed her baby. My baby had a great time being passed around, taking pictures with everyone, and having all the kids rub his bald head, while I weighed and measured a bunch of the children. 

Picture 1. Gregory Baby with the BCF Stake Coordinator in Talara Peru.

From Megan Hilmo: Wednesday Bradley, Anna and I took a bus to Trujillo to see the LDS temple open house there. The temple and surrounding grounds were absolutely beautiful, and it was amazing to hear the purpose and importance of LDS temples in the Spanish language. Something I’ve really come to see here is how the light of Christ and the principles of the gospel really transcend culture, language, location, appearance, socioeconomic status, etc. No matter where you are at or who you are, God truly knows you and loves you and speaks to you in a way that you can hear Him. And no matter where you are at or who you are, you can have an impact on others and share the light of Christ. I feel so incredibly blessed to see the light of the people of Peru and the impact that the people in this program have on the families and children of this community, and for the opportunity to help.

Picture 2. Outside the Peru Trujillo Temple during the open house.


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