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2015 NutriTour to Cambodia

Jul 14, 2015 | News and Updates, NutriTours | 0 comments

This year was the first NutriTour BCF hosted to Cambodia. Participants traveled to Cambodia, and for ten days they were able to take part in multiple screenings, perform service at a local orphanage in Phnom Penh, visit museums, tour a silk factory in Siem Reap, and enjoy the beautiful temples of Angkor Wat. Here are some pictures from the trip:

Picture 1. Part of the service project at the orphanage in Phnom Penh was painting the first story of the main building. The bamboo extenders for the paint rollers are not something you see every day in the United States!

Picture 2. To say thank you, the children performed traditional Cambodian dances for the NutriTour participants and then taught them a few dances.

Picture 3. Children with one of the directors at the orphanage in Phnom Penh.

Picture 4. Baby being weighed during screening in Siem Reap.

Picture 5. NutriTour participants measuring child’s length during screening in Siem Reap.

Picture 6. Touring the silk factory in Siem Reap.

Picture 7. Silk worms.

Picture 8. Processing the cocoons into silk thread.

Picture 9. Weaving the silk threads.

Picture 10. Touring Angkor Wat.


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