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BYU In Peru

Feb 1, 2022 | News and Updates | 0 comments

The BYU public health professors just visited Peru to help with malnutrition screenings and to help coordinators prepare to teach the health lessons. At first glance, the health lessons might seem to include information that most people know. Unfortunately, a lot of the information is not readily known in the developing world.

The lessons include instruction on topics such as increasing dietary intake, breastfeeding, safe food preparation, clean drinking water, proper hand washing and proper disposal of human waste. You can see the health lessons here.

Test your knowledge!

Do you know…

  1. How long does water in a bottle need to be placed in the sun to be sterilized?
  2. How long does WHO & UNICEF recommend that mothers exclusively nurse babies?
  3. How long should we take to wash our hands? (Think “Row, Row Your Boat” song)

*Answers at the bottom

We are grateful for the work the BYU professors and students of Public Health have put into preparing these lessons for coordinators and families around the world.

Thank you for your support in this great work!

*Answers: 1. 6 hours; 2. 6 months; 3. 20 seconds

BYU Public Health professor Josh West assisting with weight measurements during a bi-annual screeing for malnutrtition.


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