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Hunger Banquet at BYU

Nov 18, 2022 | 2022, Hunger Banquets, News | 1 comment

Have you ever attended a hunger banquet? This 1 minute video summarizes the night… 

Everyone who attended had a wonderful experience at the hunger banquet on Friday, November 18 at the BYU Wilkinson Student Center in Provo, UT. A big thank you to the Fight Malnutrition Club for organizing the event.

Each participant received a character card to represent their social class. There were high income and middle income tables, while those in the low income class sat on cardboard boxes on the floor.  Was it difficult to sit at the wealthier tables and look down at those on the boxes with less food?  How did those feel who sat on the cardboard boxes as others sat at nice tables? A deeper appreciation for those living in difficult situations was gained by all who attended.

Professor Novilla from Tondo, Philippines lectures at BYU Hunger Banquet Lecture

Professor Novilla, Guest Lecturer

Guest speaker, Professor Novilla, shared her experiences growing up malnourished in Tondo, Philippines where communities live on top of trash heaps. She also spoke of ​how her mother’s value of education positively impacted Professor Novilla’s life.

For those who donated or purchased items from the Christmas shop there were prize giveaways. Live music was provided by Tim Schwartz before and after the event. Overall it was a great evening of discussing, socializing and dancing. ​

We are grateful to all that help in this great work!


BYU Hunger Banquet 2022 Photo Gallery

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  1. Angela Johnson

    What a fun night! I can’t wait for the next hunger banquet!


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