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BYU Team Travels to Ghana

Dec 22, 2022 | 2022, Ghana, News, NutriTours | 2 comments

BYU public health professors and students traveled to Ghana to help train new Bountiful coordinators from several African countries and to screen children.

Ava, a BYU student shares her experience:

“I have been to Ghana before working on another public health project. I can wholeheartedly say those are some of my favorite people in the entire world. I am specifically so impressed with Ghanaian women and their grit and determination to find the best for their families and children’s lives.

“During the screening we had, I watched one woman who came in with her daughter to get screened for malnutrition. Both were wearing hijabs. This mother was quiet yet determined to understand the health of her sweet daughter. They were reluctant to accept a small toy and left with both that and a nutritional supplement in hand. My interaction with them was short, however I kept observing her quiet determination. I knew that their world looks so much different than the 30 minutes I saw them. They would probably go home to work the rest of the day and be tired.

“There were about 25 other mothers with their children who I had the exact same impression of and I was honored to have a small glimpse into their quiet determination to be strong for their families. I believe that the best thing we could do as visitors was to learn. We spent a lot of time training and teaching, however at the end of the day, we are in their world and I left with so much new knowledge and values.”


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  1. Angela Johnson

    So grateful for your hard work in Ghana. Thank you!

  2. Angela Johnson

    Thank you BYU Public health students for helping the children in Ghana!


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